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Bob & Mary

Bob & Mary

We're getting a little older and we find ourselves thinking about the future a lot more than we used to. Not just our future and that of our children, but also the future of Westminster Theological Seminary, an organization we’ve believed in and supported for so many years. We want to be sure that it will still be doing its job long after we’re gone. So, a few years ago, we decided it was time to start making definite plans to help ensure our favorite charity’s future as well as that of our family.

We started gathering information right here, at this website. Then, we talked to our financial advisors and to the staff at Westminster Theological Seminary. We spent a rainy Sunday afternoon at home with a calculator, a legal pad, and a pile of mutual fund statements.

After looking over the different gift plans available to us, we decided that a Charitable Gift Annuity was right for us. We were reassured that it would pay us income for the rest of our lives – in a fixed amount that we could depend on, and at a higher yield than our CDs or mutual funds were providing us. We liked the income tax deduction we could claim for setting up our Gift Annuity, and also the fact that part of our annuity income would come to us tax-free.

Best of all, our Gift Annuity has allowed us to make a larger gift to Westminster Theological Seminary than we would ever have been able to make in an outright gift or through our estate. We’re very satisfied with our decision!